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Quality Preventive Dentistry

Quality Preventive Dentistry You Deserve – Rana Dentistry


The routine visits to a preventive care dentist are just more than experiencing that fresh and clean feeling of the mouth. Studies reveal that if you neglect preventive dental measures, the risk to land into dental health issues gets multiplied by many folds. However, we could save you from landing into those troubles. Rana Dentistry’s preventive dental care is designed to detect and address oral health issues before they ruin your health.

Visit our dental clinic in Redlands to keep dental problems at bay. Our preventive care dentists have the plans and ways to minimize the risk of developing mouth cancer, bleeding gums, and other deadly diseases. Speak to our dentist to know how. Call us now!

What is Preventive Dentistry?

The preventive dentistry incorporates the use of those dental techniques which support and enhance your oral health. Basically, it’s a broad term that includes the treatments such as dental cleaning, X-rays, sealants, fluoride use, regular dental visits, etc. These preventive dental techniques lay a foundation to the healthy gums. Visiting a renowned preventive care dentist such as Rana Dentistry is a healthy, and economical option for many people that saves unnecessary spending on the annoying treatments later.

A Snapshot of Preventive Dentistry Care That Rana Dentistry Provides

  • Dental Crowns
  • Dental Prophylaxis
  • Space Maintainers
  • Fluoride Treatment
  • Periodontal Surgery

The Most Loved Benefits of Preventive Dentistry:

1. Preventive Dentistry Maintains Your Smile

One of the lucrative benefits of preventive dentistry is that it preserves your beautiful and healthy smile. If you have ever taken the complete smile makeover or restoration, then you know what it takes to get a beautiful smile. Do you remember your last spending on dental restorations? It might have made a hole in your pocket. Therefore, you shouldn’t take your smile for granted. With preventive dental care, you can catch any problem that could affect your teeth and eventually smile. It means a lot to the people who aren’t a fan of undergoing oral surgeries.

2. It Preserves Your General Health

The preventive dentistry has been linked to general health. There are numerous clinical trials supporting its benefits to preserve general health. Oral infections are the primary cause of the growing issues of cardiac failure, diabetes and various other health symptoms that make you fear from their names. But, with preventive dental care such as regular visits to a dental clinic, using take-home teeth whitening systems recommended by dentists, etc., detect the periodontal diseases at a premature stage. The preventive dental care for children is equally effective to preserve their general health.

3. It Helps Maintain Your Lifestyle

With the regular preventive dental care, you will have to pay a little attention to your lifestyle. For instance, if you care your teeth by regular visits to dentists, clean your teeth as recommended by the dentist, then you will need not to worry about what to eat and what to not. You can live the way you want without worrying about your self-esteem. So, one of the benefits of preventive dentistry is also that it preserves your lifestyle and gives you a way to smile.

Comprehensive Preventive Dental Care Solutions Your Family Deserve

At Rana Dentistry, we always recommend visiting a preventive care dentist like us and making preventive dentistry an integral part of your health regime. You can also preserve your kids’ oral health with our strategically designed service for preventive dental care for children. Already involved in the regular cleaning of your teeth in the way your dentist want? You are in luck as you can stay away from spending on cosmetic treatments in the near future.

Remember that the oral health is a habit and not a one-time action. If you make it a part of your life, then it will reflect on your dental health. But the moment you stop paying attention to it, you will make yourself vulnerable to oral infections and diseases. Call us now to know how we can help you attain the oral health to the optimum!