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About Rana Dentistry

Dental Services At a Glance


Rana Dentistry is all about bringing your charming smile back to your life. We have affordable dental solutions for people of all ages. We offer preventive dentistry, dental implants for individuals with missing teeth, root canal treatment for persons suffering from decayed teeth and much more.

Avail an array of dentistry services focused on providing contemporary dental treatment for your oral health conditions.

We Assist an Oral Health Seeker Like You By Providing:

  • Emergency Dentistry For An Immediate Support
  • General Dentistry For Preventing Onset of Oral Diseases
  • Pediatric Dentistry To Take Care of Your Kid’s Overall Oral Health
  • Advanced Orthodontic Treatment Such as Invisalign To Straighten Teeth
  • Dental Implants And Other Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions For Improving Your Smile
  • Bone Grafts, Extractions And Other Oral Surgeries For Long-Lasting Dental Solution
  • And The List Goes On…………

Last but not the least, Rana Dentistry cares for your every penny spent on dental treatments. So, we don’t hesitate to offer seasonal discounts on the dental treatments. Avail the one today!

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Meet Our Team

The credit for our success goes to the hard work put by our team.
Meet the dental experts who heal dental issues with high success rates

Dr. Vinod Rana

Dental Surgeon

Dr. Vinod Rana graduated from a prestigious dental college in India in 1980. He had a private practice in India before coming to the USA. In 1985, he successfully passed the California Board and Western Regional Board Exams. Since then, he is serving the community for their dental needs. During his career, Dr. Rana has been a guide to other colleagues. <br> Dr. Rana has served for six years as a chairman of Continuing Dental Education and an executive committee member for Indian Dental Association. Dr. Rana has arranged many Continuing Courses during his term, which had benefited many local dentists. In 2005, Indian Dental Association organized the implant training course in association with Boston Implant Institute, and Dr. Rana proved instrumental for its success. This implant training program helped participants in gaining clinical skills and confidence to perform implant dentistry with desired success. It also helped in motivating the participants to pursue advance skill in implant dentistry.<br> Dr. Rana maintains his membership with the American Dental Association, California Dental Association, Indian Dental Association, and Associate Fellowship with the American Associate of Implant Dentistry. Dr. Rana enjoys Yoga, hiking, reading, and movies. He enjoys the privilege to organize Yoga for the community to promote a healthy lifestyle. He is a proud parent of three wonderful grown-up children who also want to serve the community by becoming health care providers.