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My Teeth are Clean, Do I Still Need to See a General Dentist?

Yes, you do! Wondering why? Well, a general dentist detects and eliminates oral infections at an early stage. Visiting a general dentist is a must for everyone, no matter how healthy you perceive yourself to be. You would never know when you become a victim of oral diseases. Contact Rana Dentistry to keep your dental health in-check!


Is it Possible to Completely Restore My Mouth Functions?

Losing a tooth or two is a painful experience. But mouth functions can be fully restored to normal by seeking help from a dental implants dentist. Usually, an implant dentist has many surgical procedures such as oral surgeries, implants with dentures and much more. You probably want to fix that missing gap between teeth and make a quick return to a healthy oral life. Contact Rana Dentistry to accomplish your dreams!


Is Getting Implants a Length Procedure?

Not actually! In fact, you start seeing noticeable results right after the 1st or 2nd visit. Rana Dentistry also offers you with the teeth-in-a-day service. We firmly believe in fixing oral issues without making you overwhelmed with the long procedures. This is why our famous dentistry has come up with the teeth-in-a-day dental implant service. Reach us to get started today!


How Much is a Dental Implant Procedure Going to Cost Me?

Typically, an average cost of dental implant treatment in the United States varies from $2,000 to $5,000. However, your dental implant specialist would be able to give you a precise estimate after the thorough dental examination. Contact Rana Dentistry to know the exact pricing involved in your dental implant procedure. We also offer discounts, so don’t miss out the one! Contact us before the offer expires.