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X-Ray and Exam


Includes X-Ray, Oral Health Check-up & Basic Cleaning.

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Dental Implant Surgery.
Multiple/Single/All missing teeth.

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Perfect fitting, painless, beautiful and comfortable dentures! Full or Partial Single Denture.

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Bringing more than 3 decades of dental expertise to you, Vinod Rana, DDS, effectively addresses your comprehensive oral health issues. By using high-tech dental equipment in Rana Dentistry, we have given a new ray of hope to people who haven’t smiled for years. Haven’t seen a dentist for a long time? You are running at risk of catching oral infections. No matter what your age is, just visit our dental clinic to put your oral life back onto the track.

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Teeth whitening procedure helps remove plaque, stains and tartar build-ups on the teeth. The discolored teeth are real turn-offs. They are a significant source contributing to oral health conditions. Discolored and stained teeth could tarnish your reputation. This issue could be resolved by paying visits to a dentist. He could help clear the plaque sitting over your teeth by offering in-office teeth whitening sessions.
Yes, it’s a safe procedure if it is operated under the supervision of an experienced teeth whitening dentist. Your dentist could help take the right course to bring great results for you. A dentist also ensures that you pick the right teeth whitening solution that doesn’t damage your teeth.
It varies from person to person. Some people experience whitened teeth in a few days while others take a couple of months. However, you can expect to see noticeable results within 2-3 weeks. Yellow teeth respond well to the teeth whitening treatments. On the other hand, people with gray color teeth often experience sluggish results for teeth whitening.


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