There could be moments when something as simple as your gorgeous smile worries you. When the teeth get stained, are worn or chipped, and too many gaps exist; cosmetic dentistry could be the answer to your concerns. Treatment at the center for cosmetic dentistry could help you get a better smile once again. By making use of cosmetic dentistry procedures, cosmetic dentists can help improve your smile with efficient treatment plans. With cosmetic dentistry, the gum disease treatment cost can also be reduced significantly. Experts at Rana Dentistry can help you flaunt a fine smile again, schedule a consultation today. 



Cosmetic dentistry includes various types of procedures that are available at Rana Dentistry and can help you get the smile you had been waiting for a long time.


  • TEETH WHITENING: This cosmetic dentistry procedure is the simplest and least expensive methods of improving the smile. This is an in-office treatment wherein bleaching products are used to achieve the desired results. The whitening procedures are available over the counter. Cosmetic dentistry specialists at Rana Dentistry can help plan out a treatment for you.  
  • DENTAL VENEERS: The veeners are shells of tooth-colored porcelain or resin that is attached to the surface of the teeth. The veneers are bonded to the teeth and help in changing the teeth color, size, shape, and even length. Treatments are available at Rana Dentistry which is a center for cosmetic dentistry.
  •  BONDING & DENTAL CROWNS: Dental bonding is a popular procedure in cosmetic dentistry. The procedure involves application of a resin-like substance on the tooth which is hardened using laser light. This can help address problems where teeth are decayed, chipped, and is a better alternative to amalgam or silver fillings.
  • DENTAL CROWNS & IMPLANTS: The dental implants are inserted into the bone socket of the tooth that is missing. Upon healing of the jawbone, the artificial tooth mounts securely in the jaw relacing the missing tooth. This helps improve the smile manifold. The crown is also an important part of cosmetic dentistry and helps replace the decayed or damaged tooth above the gum line. With this the gum disease treatment costs could be allieviated as well.


The dental work can improve the look of the teeth, and asthetics in color, shape, etc. Get a better smile appearance by scheduling a consultation with Rana Dentistry today. A beautiful smile could enhance your dental asthetics in a number of ways. Do not delay the treatment, take action now.