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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry You Can Bank Upon For Your Smile Makeover – Rana Dentistry


It’s for sure that a chipped tooth can make an impression but ugly or good one that’s not hard to guess! Fortunately, there is a cosmetic dental solution to fix this kind of oral health issue in our cosmetic dentistry located in Redlands – Rana Dentistry! Our dentists suggest several cosmetic dental treatments depending on the nature and amount of damage done to the tooth.

To improve your aesthetic appeal and to recover from the conditions, cosmetic dentistry could work wonders. After a thorough evaluation of the nature of loss involved in your chipped tooth, our dentists recommend you a viable dental treatment. It could be bonding, veneer or crown depending on the results of the teeth evaluation report. Let’s discuss the aesthetic dental fixes that you can avail from Rana Dentistry:

Teeth Bonding — Recreate the Missing Part of Tooth

Dental cosmetic bonding or teeth bonding is probably the most cost-effective way to repair a chipped tooth. The procedure is pretty simple and the quickest of all. It involves applying bonding material to the chipped surface of the tooth. Further, this composite filling is matched down to the shape & size of your original tooth. The best part is that there is a very little removal of the tooth surface.

If the chipped-off portion of the tooth has been preserved by you, then it can be seamlessly matched to your chipped tooth using teeth bonding material. However, if you have lost it, still the restorations can be done by using bonding material that replaces the lost portion of the tooth.

Go For Teeth Veneers — Hide the Chipped Side

Teeth veneers are a thin custom-made shell that covers the front side of the tooth to hide its chipped area. It works well to hide the small missing portions of the tooth and offer it a new facade. To accommodate the veneers into the desired area, some area of the tooth may need to be removed. You may choose from various options such as porcelain veneers or prepless veneers. However, the prepless veneers are the dentists’ all-time favorite.

Get a Dental Crown — Cover Badly Chipped Part of Tooth

If your tooth has badly chipped, then the dental crown is the best option for you. The treatment serves well in the cases where a majority of the tooth portion is missing. It takes the place of the missing part of the original tooth and matches exactly to the shape and size of the existing tooth. From ceramic to porcelain dental crown, you will be having a gamut of options while choosing crowns. Regardless of the material you choose, the crown material will be made similar to your adjacent natural teeth. The procedure may require our dentist to remove some existing surface of the tooth to accommodate crowns!

At Rana Dentistry, we have the most advanced cosmetic dentistry solutions to preserve the aesthetic appeal of your mouth. We understand that the accidents happen and no one has control over them. However, a few precautionary measures could help you save from experiencing chipped tooth. We recommend using dental bite guards while playing sports and discourage you to use your teeth as a tool for opening things. Already got a chipped tooth? Walk into our cosmetic dentistry for a long-term fix. We would be more than happy to help. We are here to restore the aesthetic appeal of your smile. Give us a call now to avail cosmetic dental solution.