You know it is the New Year is approaching when everyone around you is making new year resolutions and vowing not to find a way to break one or all of their noble resolutions. 

You also might be thinking of setting a goal about volunteering, traveling more, learning a new language, and a lot more things. And if you are one of those millions who wish to improve their personal health goals, then it's highly likely that you must have thought of hitting the gym or exercising more. 

But have you spared a thought for one of the most critical aspects of overall health care that is often the least talked about.

Yes, we are talking about oral health care, which is as crucial as any other aspect of our well-being. We often neglect and ultimately forget how important it is to care for our dental health.

As it's the perfect time to look for a fresh start, why not promise yourself good oral care this new year?

Here are the five best dental care resolutions to make this year and be more proactive in looking after your teeth

  1. I'll follow a daily oral care routine 

How many times have you made a mental note to brush your teeth before sleeping but ended up forgetting it? You are not alone. Many people fail to brush their teeth regularly, but it's not a simple matter of memory lapse. It can lead to a host of serious issues.

Make sure that you follow a daily schedule for brushing your teeth. Stay on track, and everything else will fall in its place 

  1. I'll remember to use an antiseptic mouthwash 

We all tend to forget minute details, and when it comes to mouthwash, we fail to swish as well. Why not make it a habit? Set up a daily routine to end your dental care routine with mouthwash just for 30 seconds, twice a day. 

A mouthwash helps fight against bacteria on your gums and tongue if correctly done.

You can set a timer and make sure you swish properly to reach every single corner of your mouth. 

  1. I'll floss after meals.

Flossing helps you get rid of any plaque formation or leftover food stuck between your teeth. If done regularly, it helps to prevent harmful bacteria and disease from affecting your gums. As this new year is the perfect way to resolve, go ahead and ensure that you floss between meals. 

  1. I'll vow not to put off my oral care. 

Most people keep putting off dental work due to their busy schedules. Now is the perfect time to gear up for teeth restoration, dentures, or any job your teeth are in want of. 

To restore your smile and the best teeth alignment, it's best to complete these jobs in time. 

  1. I'll make it a point to visit the dentist regularly. 

The American Dental Association (ADA) says that professional cleaning and check-up is a must every six months. A routine dental check-up is essential for detecting unknown problems with your heart, blood sugar, and inflammation well within time. 

So in case you are not able to keep track of your dental appointments, make sure you change for the better this coming year. 

Do not forget to schedule a dental appointment to ensure your teeth stay clean and hygienic. Seeing your dentist regularly drops down the chances of developing cavities or any oral disease. 

After all the celebrations, this is best to serve your teeth right. Remember, taking care of your oral health is an investment in your overall health.

Make a mantra for the new year and stick to the resolutions, promising yourself better oral health care.

After all, who doesn't like to flash a great smile?