How to Look After Your Affordable Dentures Amidst COVID-19?

Affordable Dentures Treatment in Redlands & Anaheim Hills CA

Everybody is likely to suffer from cavities in their teeth at some point of time in life. As we grow older, most of us would eventually lose a tooth may be due to gum disease, cavity, or an injury. This makes getting affordable dentures treatment in Redlands & Anaheim Hills, CA, absolutely necessary. It is also a possibility that you would be required to get your wisdom teeth removed at some point in time. In fact, it has come to light recently through an assessment that over 30 million Americans live with missing teeth in one or both jaws. Quite many dental issues crop up as we proceed into our advanced years. This makes affordable dentures the best possible solution to address such problems. Let’s learn how these affordable dental services can help you.

The notoriety of the Coronavirus is widespread nowadays and the spike in the number of casualties had sparked many untoward actions by businesses and dentists alike across the States. Most of these including Rana Dentistry in Redlands, California, were left with no choice but to temporarily suspend the non-crucial services for the time being keeping in view the safety concerns. Your safety has always been our number one priority. We are currently offering only emergency care and you can contact us for any non-life threatening emergencies.

Your affordable dentures are made from excellent quality materials that last long and can prevent problems with eating and speech. Also, you get a better smile and confidence. However, at this time of the lockdown, it becomes vital to take good care of your affordable dentures since good hygiene can help ward off any tooth-related emergencies. At this time, self-help is the key, unless of course there is no option left but to visit the dentist.


Following your affordable dentures treatment in Redlands & Anaheim Hills, CA, it might feel a bit strange when you begin using your dentures, but your comfort levels improve with time. Experts at Rana Dentistry can advise you if you should remove your affordable dentures when you sleep or wear these round-the-clock. Always remember when you remove your dentures, keep these safely stored in a moist container, e.g. use water or maybe a bag with dampened cotton wool. You can also use an overnight denture-cleaner solution for better results. This would help keep your denture in shape and not dry out.


While your dentures are made from very high-quality and durable materials, it is very much essential to clean these effectively for better results and oral hygiene. Remember to regularly remove food and plaque deposits from the dentures since these could lead to problems like bad breath, tooth decay, etc. Brush normally every morning at bedtime.

Clean your dentures with toothpaste, soap water to remove the stuck food particles Soak your affordable dentures in a solution of denture-cleaning tablets to remove stains. Avoid dropping your dentures as a fall might break them

While it is important to keep a healthy routine check-up in place, the current situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic could affect the appointments at Rana Dentistry. Contact your dentist in case you think you have an emergency like bleeding gums or bad breath, etc.


At Rana Dentistry, we have taken steps to ensure you can still communicate and consult your doctor for any issues related to your affordable dentures. We encourage you to make an appointment for virtual consultations at till the pandemic subsides and things get back to normal everywhere. Till then, stay safe & healthy.