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Affordable Dentures Treatment

Dentures have always been considered as the most reliable and efficient dental techniques for replacing missing teeth. Affordable dentures treatment in Redlands CA can provide you great relief and make life more comfortable for you. These are a complete set of artificial teeth that can be placed in the upper and lower jaw which could make chewing food an easy task. Apart from a better appearance, affordable dentures can help you speak easily too.

Dentures come in a variety of options:

  1. Conventional dentures are placed directly in the mouth after teeth have been removed and tissues are healed. These can take some time to adjust.
  2. The intermediate affordable dentures are inserted the same day the remaining teeth are removed. It, however, involves a bit of realigning once the jaw has properly healed.
  3. Overdentures are used when some teeth can be saved and these can help preserve the jawbone and provide stability to the denture.

While it is obvious that your new dentures could feel out of place or even odd during your first few days of use, experts at Rana Dentistry can help you adjust better that would eventually give you the optimum results you had been waiting for. You would still be required to practice a good dental hygiene by brushing your gums, roof of the mouth, and tongue effectively and efficiently on a daily basis. Make use of a soft-bristled brush before you insert your affordable dentures. This would be useful in properly simulating circulation in your tissues that would also aid in plaque removal easily. It is also essential to store your dentures in a safe place covered with water in a container to keep them from warping.

Affordable Dentures Treatment in Redlands CA

In case you have any questions or come across any fitting issues with your dentures, let us know and we would help you with a quick solution to address all your problems. Rana dentistry provides a complete and affordable dentures services in Redlands CA that offer perfect fitting, painless, beautiful, and comfortable solutions.

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You can opt considering partial dentures or complete dentures. However, which option will suit you depends on the number of teeth that need to be replaced. Your dentist will analyze the teeth that need dentures and could help decide the best option for you. The stability of the dentures could be further improved by attaching these dentures to the dental implants.
Yes, a dental hygiene cleaning is required before you have partial dentures prepared. The partial dentures get hooked onto your natural teeth. So, before you begin with the dentures, you need to schedule teeth cleaning treatment from an experienced dentist. If it’s already over six months since you have visited a dentist for teeth whitening, you should schedule it now to prepare yourself for the dentures treatment.
If it is over 7-10 years since you have dentures installed, it’s time to look for new dentures. This is because most dentures last for seven years or a bit more. Also, if you are experiencing difficulty in eating food with your dentures on, then you should consider changing them with the new ones. Cheek biting or speech difficulties are also another reason to consider new dentures.


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