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Why live with the missing tooth when you can fill your need with the dental implants? It's no more a hidden secret that these implants are the boon for the people who have lost their teeth for any reason. Rana Dental is a name that strives to offer you the full mouth restorations to make you feel younger. It means no more embarrassments in the public, no matter how old are you. Being a pioneer in the dental industry, we offer dental implants that are closer to the natural teeth. So, dine freely without any fear of missing teeth. We know the hidden value of your smile and this is why we never hesitate to go extra miles for your satisfaction. From the dental implant surgery to X-Rays and cleaning, we always have viable dental solutions to address your dental health issues.

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Bringing more than 3 decades of dental expertise to you, Vinod Rana, DDS, effectively addresses your comprehensive oral health issues. By using high-tech dental equipment in Rana Dentistry, we have given a new ray of hope to people who haven’t smiled for years. Haven’t seen a dentist for a long time? You are running at risk of catching oral infections. No matter what your age is, just visit our dental clinic to put your oral life back onto the track.

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At Rana Dentistry, we make our best efforts to keep things under your budget. Avail a whole gamut of dental services without paying hefty charges.

We don’t even charge on consultation. Feel free to visit our dental clinic or consult our representative on the phone to know the treatment options for you.

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The procedure is very safe and is conducted using local anesthesia which makes the area pain free. It doesn’t harm the adjacent, natural teeth. The surgery is performed by a surgeon who is experienced and operates methodically.
It is always advised to have a good oral care which applies for dental implants as well. According to studies, the implants can last anywhere between 5-10 years depending on the treatment provided by the patient on a daily basis.
Dental implants are a little expensive but it can be perceived as a lasting investment. It won’t require regular check-ups and they are long lasting.
Rana Dental believes in customer satisfaction because we care about your teeth. We do have regular discounts and are currently offering 70% off on dental implant surgery. Get in touch with us for more information.


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