What happens during a tooth extraction? Does it pain a lot? How much will the tooth extraction cost? What should I do after the procedure? These are just a few questions that anyone who has been recommended a tooth extraction by their dentist ruminates upon. 

Tooth extraction or "pulling" a tooth in adulthood is sometimes inevitable. It is a fairly simple and important procedure. Let us walk you through the journey of tooth extraction and its aftercare.

Why is tooth extraction needed?

A few of the many reasons and conditions which may lead to tooth extraction are : 

  1. Impacted tooth
  2. Severe tooth decay (cavities)
  3. Periodontal disease
  4. Dental injuries
  5. Crowded teeth

What is the tooth extraction procedure?

Most dentists offer sedation during a tooth extraction procedure which proves effective for patients experiencing dental anxiety. The local anesthesia numbs the affected area and surrounding gums. After this, the dentist will loosen the tooth using dental equipment and remove it from the socket. When a tooth is severely decayed, the dentist might need to make an incision in the gums. After removing the tooth, the socket is cleaned and disinfected. The dentist may place a dental bone graft or apply stitches to aid the healing in some cases. 

Tooth extraction aftercare: 

After a tooth extraction procedure, recovery usually depends on the case's complexity. Although the jaw bone takes a few weeks to heal completely, most people can return to routine activities within 48 to 72 hours.

Here are a few guidelines for a speedy recovery: 

  1. Maintain firm pressure on the gauge placed by the dentist for a couple of hours.
  2. Apply an ice pack on the affected cheek to keep down the swelling. 
  3. Take all medication as prescribed by your dentist. 
  4. Avoid eating hard food for a few days. 
  5. Limit strenuous activities for at least two days.
  6. Keep the extraction site clean. Rinse your mouth gently to avoid dislodging the clot.
  7. While lying down, keep the head slightly elevated.

Until the jaw is fully healed, brush your teeth gently, twice a day and avoid brushing near the extraction site. It is normal to experience increased secretion of saliva, slight bruising on the skin, and difficulty opening the mouth till the first 72 hours after the tooth extraction.

However, contact your dentist If you experience any of the symptoms below:

  1. Severe or unbearable pain 
  2. Increased swelling around the area
  3. Uncontrolled bleeding
  4. Rashes or itching post medication

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