Orthodontics Treatment A Proven Solution for Crooked Teeth


As the title of this article says a lot that is orthodontic treatment is the proven solution for your crooked and misaligned teeth. Yes, this is completely true because if you have misaligned or crooked teeth and you are feeling embarrassed to flaunt your smile in public then you have to undergo orthodontist in Redlands CA. Well, it is not so difficult to find a dentist in Redlands CA, but it is very important to get the right dentist. So, at Rana Dentistry you can get the best Invisalign treatment in Redlands CA because we have a team of expertise dentist who can deal with your dental problems easily. People who have misaligned, crooked or damaged teeth do not feel happy while smiling in front of others. They used to feel embarrassed and they thought that other people will make fun of them. So, it’s time to get a sparkling white smile with aligned teeth and you can flaunt that beautiful smile with confidence. In this article, I will explain orthodontic treatment in Redlands, CA. So, let’s have a look upon it.

How It Could Be Known Whether I Need Orthodontics or Not?

Well, this is completely depending on your dentist because your dentist will perform diagnostic and then he will tell you whether orthodontic is required or not. In that diagnostic, the dentist performs various medical check-ups such as clinic exam, x-rays, photographs, your dental history, plaster model and then a treatment plan to make your teeth align. At Rana Dentistry, our professional dentist performs all these health checkups before starting any Invisalign services. However, there are some points through which you can identify you need orthodontics or not.

• Your Front Teeth Are Under Bite:

Yes, this is a situation when your lower teeth are far forwarded than your upper teeth and you are experiencing a gap between their alignments.

• Your Front Teeth Are Overbite:

In this situation, the upper teeth of your mouth are far forwarded than your lower teeth and you get a gap between your upper and lower teeth.

• Your Teeth Are Cross bite:

In this dental problem, the front and upper teeth of your mouth are not coming down in front of lower teeth white eating something.

• The Spacing Between The Teeth:

If you are experiencing any space or gap between your teeth then you need Invisalign treatment in Redlands CA to make them align at Rana Dentistry because we have an expert dentist in Redlands CA.


If you have any of the dental issues then you need orthodontics but there are two types of orthodontic treatment to choose from either you can go for traditional metal braces or you can choose Invisalign treatment for your teeth. It totally depends up to your condition and your dentist and you can also ask your dentist that which one orthodontic treatment is good and reliable. So, if you have any dental problem the visit us.