Teeth conditions can occur at any time and could be very distressful especially when the treatment is delayed even a little bit. Gum disease treatment in case of teeth-related ailments like Gingivitis could worsen and require care from an experienced dental professional at Rana Dentistry. This is usually considered the mildest form of periodontal disease wherein the gums become red and swollen and tend to easily bleed. The condition usually happens when oral hygiene is not kept and the teeth are not clean. The gum treatment can, however, reverse the process. Professional assistance along with good oral hygiene could go a long way in ensuring that the problem is resolved efficiently. 


There are many factors responsible for gum disease which include:

  • Diabetes and excessive smoking
  • Smoking, aging, and genetic factors
  • Stress, inadequate nutrition
  • Puberty and hormonal fluctuations
  • Pregnancy, drug abuse, and medicine use


Gingivitis when untreated could lead to could advance to periodontitis, which can create a plaque that could spread below the gum line. When this happens, toxins are produced which irritate the gums. This can aggravate gum disease. The destructive process can even damage the bone, though it produces very mild symptoms. The progressing of the disease could eventually cause loose teeth that would have to be extracted.


While there are many forms of periodontitis, those that are common include:

  • The aggressive progression of the disease could happen in patients that are otherwise healthy. 
  • Chronic periodontitis could cause inflammation of the teeth tissues and is prevalent among adults of all age groups. While the progression is slow, there could be periods of rapid damage as well which could require the intervention of dental professionals at Rana Dentistry.
  • The infection could further advance by the necrosis of the tissues already damaged by gingivitis. Such a situation is common among those who suffer from HIV, malnutrition, or immunity disorder. Gum disease treatment costs could be controlled when treatment is applied at the right time. Take action now, call Rana Dentistry.



While treatment could become inevitable in many cases, there are still ways to prevent the chronic spread of the ailment. 

  • Regular flossing could help remove food particles stuck in the teeth and clean areas that cannot be cleaned with regular brushing.
  • The use of mouthwash could help control plaque and can help remove the food particles stuck in the teeth. 
  • It is important to understand the risks. Get in touch with dental professionals at Rana Dentistry right away


A comprehensive periodontal evaluation and detection of early symptoms of gum disease is the key to keep your teeth healthy. Schedule a consultation today.