Handling Orthodontic Treatment During COVID-19 Outbreak

Orthodontic Treatment in Redlands CA

The pandemic COVID-19 has disturbed the public health sector worldwide, including the affordable orthodontics treatment in Redlands CA, and has created a need for specific guidelines that are also constantly changing with the situation. For months now, competent authorities have been actively contributing to risk management procedures by identifying suspected cases and proactively establishing containment and quarantine measures for those who have had contact.

When proceeding with an orthodontics treatment, several fundamental preventive measures need to be put in place and a proper assessment is required before the patient is led to the orthodontist’s office. While the fundamentally correct usage of personal protective equipment (PPE) and strict compliance with the guidelines has been enforced already, it solely depends on the orthodontics professional to ascertain whether to remain open or just go ahead and provide emergency orthodontics treatment in Redlands CA during the quarantine period.

During an orthodontic emergency, an unscheduled appointment often becomes important to resolve the issues, and additional appointments with specialists at Rana Dentistry might also become necessary. Due to the rapid spread of COVID-19, only non-deferrable cases are attended to such as abscess or irreversible pulpitis. The general orthodontics treatments that do not represent urgencies are postponed or at times evaluated using digital means such as video calls or messages.


In orthodontics care, emergencies can be classified on the basis of appliances/equipment that the patient uses at the time.

Functional equipment Aligners Retainers

A number of patients use functional equipment to correctly guide the growing dentoalveolar complex. During orthodontics emergencies, the patient might report breakage or discomfort using the equipment. To cope with this, the patient is initially advised to stop using the equipment temporarily, this helps to address emergencies that cannot be directly handled in the present situation.

For aligners, the patients could be given a temporary orthodontics treatment and advised to stay on the current aligner until things improve. It is always a better idea to remain indoors as much as one can during these times.


At Rana Dentistry, your safety and health is always our top priority. While the most sought after and affordable orthodontics treatment is available in Redlands CA, we are not sure as to when our usual practice would resume and we would be able to open our doors again. Your smiling faces are important to us, here are a few suggestions that can help you ensure good oral hygiene until you take your next orthodontics appointment.

Keep your braces & teeth clean. Brush three times a day and make sure to floss at least once a day. In case you have been prescribed the use of any equipment or rubber bands, make sure you do so as advised during your orthodontics treatment. It is always a better idea to avoid food that could damage your teeth and braces too. Do not eat hard, crunchy, and sticky foods, these could break your equipment and even hamper your progress. As long as the brackets remain bonded to your teeth and wires stay in place, you would continue the positive progress. In case you are done with wearing the aligners that you got at Rana Dentistry, continue to use the old ones until an appointment can be scheduled again.

If you still feel the need to get in touch, contact us through our website for questions regarding your orthodontic treatment plan.