Concerned about dental care during the pandemic? Here’s what you need to know

The pandemic. This term has become more of a cliche as we wade through the latter months of 2020, still battling and hoping against hope to conquer this evil under the sun. But life goes on, as they say. After a spell of extensive lockdowns, a multitude of downfalls, days of worry, and health concerns; things are slowly starting to open again - a step towards normalcy albeit with caution and care. Keeping up with the changing trends and to address patients’ needs during these unprecedented times, Rana Dentistry encourages its patients to opt for an alternative way to get quick, efficient, and safe dental care in the Redlands. Virtual consultations are in vogue, those looking for a dentist in Redlands can easily schedule a consultation online.

However, Rana Dentistry is open to all non-life-threatening emergencies. If you feel the need for assistance at any time, call us right away and we will sort things out for you. Your dental care is our priority, come what may.

One question has been creating turmoil in the minds of patients for long: Should I visit a dentist now or should I wait? COVID-19 has altered the way healthcare systems work, and dental care is no exception. Since this involves close patient contact, precautions are an absolute must. Almost every segment in dentistry is in a state on quandary and dentists are actively pondering over solutions to institute better control practices and products throughout. Virtual consultations are one such method that helps patients connect with their dentists for their concerns regarding general dentistry and opinions. And, it works pretty well too. Read on the understand the know-hows of consulting a dentist during these odd times.


While the pandemic may have compelled clinics to ensure advanced hygiene on their premises, the obvious exists in the fact that even before, the dental clinics had maintained fairly strict hygiene practices. Wearing protective gear like gloves, surgical masks, and eye protection goggles has been a standard protocol for a long. This helps minimize the risk of transmitting germs from one patient to another. However, due to COVID spread, a number of additional precautions are in place. Do not hesitate if you feel you may be facing a dental emergency. The clinics are safe to visit.


Making this decision is crucial especially in these days of the infamous pandemic. As a patient, you need to first identify whether your dental problem is an emergency or not. If you suffer any of the following conditions, consider it a dental emergency and get in touch with Rana Dentistry right away.

Your cheeks & gums are swollen and you are suffering from acute pain and possible infection of the teeth

You face constant pain and toothache; the tooth area is highly sensitive too

Your gums are bleeding

Trauma or an accident that impacted your teeth directly or indirectly

Always remember, minor issues like teeth cleaning, whitening, or even a small chip can be easily treated at a later time. You can always find out from your dentist through a virtual consultation if treatment can be delayed or not.


The pandemic would likely persist for months to come and this makes it important that you look after your oral health and maintain a healthy dietary and hygiene routine.

Brush two times a day, spend 2-3 minutes every time

Use a fluoride-based toothpaste that helps repair the enamel and keep teeth hard

Avoid sticky foods at all times, these can cause a faster tooth decay

Drink a lot of water which can help keep food residue away from your teeth and also diluted acids produced by bacteria in the mouth

We are sure preventive measures would help you keep yourself safe and healthy. Rana Dentistry provides a number of dental care solutions throughout the Redlands. In case you need our assistance, or if you require emergency dental care, feel free to contact us at any time.