Celebrate World Smile Day with Healthy Teeth and Gums

What does October mean to you? For people living in California, October sets the tone for the winter that’s coming. It’s the time to get your sweaters out, sleep an extra hour as we "fall back," and get all prepped up for the Halloween bash! October means a little different for a dental clinic. The month starts with celebrating World Smile Day on the first Friday of October, and then comes the prep to spread awareness around National Orthodontic Health Month. 

As we pass on the "smiley" and share those little acts of kindness towards each other to create more smiles on World Smile Day, we also want to share another reason for smiling ear to ear, which is healthy teeth and gums. 

Healthy teeth don't only mean the absence of cavities or gums that don't bleed. They also have aesthetic implications. The essential purpose of orthodontic treatment is to create a healthy and functional "bite" by aligning the teeth and jaws, hence enhancing your facial appearance and promoting oral well-being. 

Here are a few orthodontic tips and facts that can help your smile stay healthy in the longer run: 

  • Start early:

Seven years is recommended as the first orthodontic check-up for children. It helps rule out any tooth or jaw misalignment issue and keeps a check on the child's oral health. Certain habits like thumb-sucking may change the child's oral structure, affecting speech and chewing. 

  • Orthodontic health = overall health:

The outcome of any orthodontic treatment is not only cosmetic but also cures these abnormal oral conditions like crowded teeth, gaps within teeth, and abnormal bites (overbite, underbite, deep bite, open bite, crossbite). Crowded or crooked teeth make it difficult to floss or brush, which may lead to various gum diseases. Abnormal bites in adults can also affect the ability to chew, leading to poor physical health. When your teeth are healthy, your gut will be healthy, your heart will be healthy, and your overall health will thank you.

  • Age no bar:

It is a common misconception among adult orthodontic patients that teeth can not be aligned after a certain age. This is simply not true. While it's ideal to start the treatment at a young age, it's never too late to go for orthodontic treatment. Whether you are 15 or 50, an orthodontist can craft a perfect smile for you!

  • History has it!: 

You will be surprised to know that the very first orthodontic treatment traced in human history dates back to 1000 B.C. Ancient Roman scientists found that putting pressure on teeth for a long time over months helps shift teeth into a new position. So, this orthodontic health month, book your dental appointment and get that perfect smile you always wanted.

As you start your Halloween preparations, it's a good idea to plan the next dental appointment for you and your family. Use National Orthodontic Health Month as a reminder to get your kids to revisit their oral habits. Planning a fun activity around it, like buying new toothbrushes, will keep everyone's oral health in check and engage your kids too. At Rana Dentistry, we believe in creating the perfect smile for your whole family. 

We wish you a Happy World Smile Day!